Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Where Can I Spot Robert Pattinson?

As a die-hard Edward Cullen fan, I'm sure you are all asking yourself the question "Where can I spot Robert Patiinson?" And because I'm kind of not into Edward, I want all of you, Team Edward, to ruin his freetime okay? Mwahahah!

According to www.blackbookmag.com, Here is the list of his favorite places to hide:

Pearl Street Diner (West Village) - According to this man’s Twitter account and this blogger’s mobile photos, the no-fuss West Village eatery was closed on July 15 when it became a filming location for Pattinson’s new movie. When asked for comment, Pearl’s cooks said, “We’ll never wash our hands again.”

Gemma (East Village) - Late last month, Pattinson was spotted dining at the Bowery Hotel restaurant with his blonde Remember Me co-star Emilie de Ravin—which makes sense, because the place is dark, sexy, and features “Late Night Bites.”

B Bar & Grill (East Village) - Pattinson was once spotted exiting the East Village eatery and mega-patio at 1:30 in the morning after a night of pizza and Peroni with a crew of friends that included Calvin Klein firebrand Eva Mendes.

The Cabin Down Below (East Village) - In celebration of a friend’s birthday, Pattinson reportedly spent a night holed up in this small model-and-rock star hang in the East Village. At the very least, even if he’s not here, you’re guaranteed to lock eyes with a Stroke or Agyness Deyn.

Don Hill’s (Soho) - This one doesn’t exactly count, because the 23-year-old actor was on site filming a scene with Remember Me co-star Tate Ellington. Still, in its sweaty Squeezebox heyday—and its subsequent rebirth as the home of the MisShapes’ weekly debacle—this would have been a can’t-miss for Pattinson.

Il Cantinori (Greenwich Village) - Pattinson was seen noshing on a Caprese salad and veal entrée in this dimly lit Greenwich Village hotspot. (His merry band of masticators added a modest $50 tip to their $350 bill.)

Black & White (East Village) - Pattinson was instantly noticed by an anonymous fan when he walked into this oft-packed East Village bar. Allegedly, after three beers, he was overheard saying, “I need to stay away from women born after 1988 ... ”

Lure Fishbar (SoHo) - Not surprisingly, this SoHo seafood abattoir is an underground affair, and rumored to have hosted Pattinson during his New York retreat.

The Stanton Social (Lower East Side) - For its “A Night Out With ...” column, The New York Times brought director Catherine Hardwicke and her vegetarian cash cow to this tri-level Lower East Side restaurant, where the group sampled Chef Chris Santos’ macaroni-and-cheese and fish tacos. Later, they headed over to the nearby Death & Co, of which BlackBook said, mistakenly, it’s “vampire-free, at least as far as we can tell—it’s dark in here.”

Cafe Gitane (Nolita) - The breakfast offerings here are unparalleled, the people-watching perches impressive and close friends say they saw Pattinson here. But they also swear that I look cool in hats.

Ugh. Hope this post helped you guys. Now you already know where you can spot Robert Pattinson, better go start stalking him. lol

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