Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Vampire Dictionary: Defining Twilight

I dont know that there is a vampire dictionary? Gee, I'm such a bummer. Yeah. There is this Vampire Dictionary: Defining Twilight. For you semi-bummer people like me, here it is:

It seems as though the fascination with vampires has actually inspired a remarkable technique for learning. Brian Leaf has compiled 600 vocabulary words taken from Stephenie Meyer's Twilight book to help master standardized tests. Although the book cover states that it is a vocabulary workbook for unlocking the SAT, ACT, GED, and SSAT, it can be very helpful to anyone who wants to improve their vocabulary skills.

Defining Twilight is an ingenious way to capture the attention of anyone who is interested in the Twilight saga. Using the Defining Twilight book in conjunction with a copy of Twilight, one can become very well versed in new terminology. Brian follows Defining Twilight with Defining New Moon which will be released in October. If you are in the minority and have not read the Twilight saga, then you should start reading and grab your copies of Defining Twilight and Defining New Moon to go along with it to improve your vocabulary skills. Who knows when knowing the color ocher might come in handy?


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